Need help shuffling my lens setup

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Re: Need help shuffling my lens setup

why do you need corner to corner sharpness for weddings?
youll be shooting at F2, F1.4, 1.8 , the corners will never be sharp.

the 28 1.8 and 85 1.8 on 2 5Ds ,

plus your 70-200 II for longer range shots and 1.8/1.4 for detail shots (flowers, cards ,etc) should be able to cover everything. buy a cheap macro extension tube too.

the 35L is a great lens, so maybe work on getting the in the future. price should come down when mark II comes out.

Or you can look into the 24L mk 1 as well if you prefer wider. sometimes used prices are a bit close to a brand new 28 1.8

treepop wrote:

My current setup:

Flashes:430ex ii 580ex ii
Bodies: 5D2 60D

Crop Lenses: 11-16 2.8, tamron 17-50 (nonVC), Sigma 30 1.4
FF Lenses: 50 1.8, Tamron 28-75, 70-200 IS II

I am looking to sell off my crop gear and go with dual 5D2's. I really need the low light performance from it for low light photog and with the massive drop in price of the 5D2, now seems like the right time. I don't care about the lost reach of the 1.6 crop.

My humble predictions are that I get the following:
$700 for the 60D
$380 for the 30 1.4
$550 for the 11-16
$300 for the 17-50

This gives me an additional ~$1930 to spend on a 5DMark 2 (Used ~$1500) and some lenses (~$430 left after 5D2 + $1170(needed do to 24 & 35 mentioned later = $1600 for lenses)

I really like primes and am not a big fan of zooms. This will be primarily for wedding shooting. I care more about tack sharp focus and corner to corner sharpness.

Here are some of the lenses I am thinking:

Another 50 1.8 (I shoot with a partner and share lenses) ~$100 (great edge to edge sharpness. tack sharp albeit not the fastest focus speed) the 1.4 isn't as sharp and the 1.2 is a lot more expensive. I felt this was a place for compromise.

24 II or 35 1.4 ~$1300 (This is killing my budget). Sure they are sharp relatively wide and FAST, but man they cost a fortune. Also I wont be able to get as wide as with my 11-16 on a croppy.

85 1.8 ~$300. Been eying this for a while. It would enable me and partner to shoot portraits at the same time. 1.2 is too slow for me. EDIT I am willing to drop this lens if it will enable me to cover the wide/mid range better. and Just swap with partner for 70-200 IS II if everyone feels this is a more viable option.

~$1600 out of pocket (would love to cut this down)

The truth is I want to limit my out of pocket and still cover a nice range. The only alternatives I see to the 24 and 35 are the canon 28 1.8 and canon 35 2.0. The 28 is WAY too soft @ the corners. The 35 is okay sharpness wise, but it has some horrid bokeh, from what I have seen. Octagonal and such.

Any input would be great. I may be missing something, which is why I am crowd sourcing to see if there is a flaw in my thinking. I honestly think the Tamron 28-75 is OKAY, but it's just not as sharp as the 70-200 or the 50 1.8. I love sharp, but have found zooms IN GENERAL (excluding the 70-200 IS II) to be much less tack sharp. Also I like the idea of faster primes. It puts less strain on my shutter speed and ISO. I like staying around 1600 if possible. 3200 in an emergency and 6400 if I just can't miss a shot.

Thanks for the help!
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