OM-D vs. E-xxx = frustration

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Re: "Olympus expects PEN cameras to replace entry DSLRs"

Oh, meant to add:

I'd be thrilled if Oly would bring out an E-720 that was essentially a 620 with the new sensor. I suppose they'd have to add video, although that's of no interest to me.

I think they could do that for well under $1000.

To all those who have said that the Oly DSLRs lost popularity because buyers "moved" to m4/3, I would suggest that that was at least partly because Oly stopped introducing new DSLRs, and did no (as in zero) marketing for them. They were useful and unique cameras and appealed to a different market than the m4/3 cameras.

DSLR users didn't "move" to m4/3; they were pushed, and many of them, including me, moved to other brands.

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