Canon EVIL - MILC - Mirrorless - Whatever

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archiebald Senior Member • Posts: 1,499
Re: Canon EVIL - MILC - Mirrorless - Whatever

Bjrn SWE wrote:

According to Pansonic (!), Canon will release a new mirrorless camera later this year!

What will it look like, what sensor size will Canon use and will it be a completely new system and a new lens mount? Will it be small and cool like the Nikon 1, faster than the Micro Four Thirds Olympus OMD and will it have style and image quality that can rival the Fuji X-Pro 1?

Surely there must be some rumors and speculations about this. What are your hopes and wishes for this one? (Canon, are you listening?)

This is old news, why are you posting it now?

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