Having briefly owned the D800 and the 5D3....

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Re: Having briefly owned the D800 and the 5D3....

DocS wrote:

aman74 wrote:

DocS wrote:

First: the 5D3 is significantly more comfortable to hold than the D800. I know people say it’s a matter of preference, but not in this case.

Hmmm, it's not possible that one or the other may be more comfortable depending on someone's physiology?

You mean anatomy. Not physiology.

No, I meant physiology.

Human physiology is the science of the MECHANICAL, physical, bioelectrical, and biochemical functions of humans in good health, their organs, and the cells of which they are composed. In simple terms "Human Physiology" is the study of the BODY and its functions in each of the different systems in any living body.

I believe I said “unless they have small hands” in reference to anyone who’d find the D800 more comfortable.

Yeah, so what. That's your only qualifier? All large handed folks who like it are lying, according to you.

Second: Ken Rockwell described the D800 as “ergonomically primitive”, and I agree with him completely. The D800 is a box with buttons and switches all over it. The 5DMk3 is much sleeker in appearance. It’s also not as bulky. Of course, this is something you can see from photos.

You do realize menus are part of the ergonomics right? So you contradicted yourself immediately.

I consider menus to fall under ‘accessibility’, but that’s just me. I’m talking about the layout of the buttons and the general appearance of the camera.

That is just you. Ergonomics relate to how something functions and that isn't restricted to physical interactions only. Also, appearance has nothing to do with ergonomics either.

Fourth: the AF on the Canon is better. Of course, the lenses I used on the two are quite different. With the D800, I used the 28-300VR with Silent-Wave motor. I have the 5DMk3 kit with the 24-105 L lens. The Nikon 28-300 is not a particularly fast-focusing lens, and given the fact that it has a much wider zoom range, its AF ability is somewhat diminished.

So, it's better and then you admit your test is flawed and means nothing.

I should have added one more sentence: the 28-300, as I understand it, could very-well have been a Nikon pro lens (i.e. with the gold band around it). In fact, if I’m not mistaken, a Nikon lens usually gets the gold band for having ED glass and better weather sealing...and perhaps a more rugged construction -- I’m not sure. I don’t think that a Nikon pro lens has a better Silent Wave motor than a non-pro lens. Am I mistaken on that point?

You're mistaken on comparing only two lenses and drawing a global conclusion regardless of said lenses, especially the ones chosen and with only a cursory evaluation.

Fifth: the shutter on the Nikon sounds tighter. Quite frankly, it sounds better. It’s a distinct, tight mirror slap and that’s it. The 5D3’s shutter/mirror makes somewhat of a clanging sound, as if a bunch of parts are moving out of sync. HOWEVER...the 5D3 is quieter, even when not in silent mode. The D800’s mirror slap is pretty loud and there’s no silent mode.

It does have a quiet mode.

Fair enough. But does it actually work?

From my understanding it does, but isn't overwhelming in it's effectiveness.

I’m quite happy with the switch. I know I got the better camera AND the better system.

How did you come to that conclusion? Hopefully not by anything you wrote here. I guess IQ isn't important.

Are you dumb or just illiterate? Did you not see that the comments I made were just immediate reactions to the 5D3 vs. the D800, and that I haven’t had the opportunity to take many photos with it?

Neither. You're the one who said you KNOW you got the better camera and system and then fully admit you haven't even taken many photos with it. To say one system is better than the other is foolish anyhow. Neither is better, that's quite clear. It would depend heavily on needs, usage, budgets, etc... As far as IQ, it's quite clear the D800 is better. That may not effect system choice as people are heavily invested and both companies are leapfrogging each other all the time. One or two superior bodies at any moment don't make one brand "better" than the other.

Thanks for dishing the personal insults as it only cements our thoughts about you from your previous writings.

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