Clothing and accessories shoot

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not exactly

the high key look is fine, I like it actually. That could become your signature and it's all good. What I find not fitting the job are the poses and the different composition within shots, again good (some very good) for a model's book or even testings, but not for this particular destination. The presence and guide of an art director may help.The Client may leave it to you, knowing that you'll apply the standard looks for a commercial shoot, but the art director will create the set (appropriate or creative depending on the requirements)

As I understand the production was for a catalog , correct? You set the shots for the same "cut", pretty much , the same framing and composition, the same background or similar background, for a product line.

Anyway I don't know how you did it without a flash meter, but the results (in terms of lighting) are good, even, high key and very good. In the future use a flash meter and apply the same settings to be consistent.

again, for the first time your studio work was very good. bravo

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