Two features keeping me from getting the NEX

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Re: Why I am confused

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Just Having Fun wrote:

The New OMD uses 5 axis IBIS (better than in-lens) and is smaller than a DSLR.

I’m sure people have mentioned that it uses a smaller sensor. I’ll note that it is about 40% smaller, which is not an insubstantial difference. And even then the IBIS hums audibly.

Frankly, I think it’s kind of odd to have a retro-styled camera that hums.

Also, I’d wait till the jury comes back on battery life. I can’t imagine a magnetically-floating sensor that uses enough power to hum could be much good for the limited power of a battery. And if it’s a giant battery… all that power is going to be dissipated somewhere as heat.

nick_webster wrote:

A poster states that IBIS is impossible in a small body.

I disagree and think that it is possible. You then go off arguing with me before then agreeing with my original premise that it is possible.

So why argue with me when you end up agreeing that I was correct in the first place ?

You are confused. And not worth arguing with.

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