1 stop of DR -how important it is and for what kind of photography

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Re: bits completely unreleated to dynamic range

Peter 13 wrote:

LOL! ...

Have you heard of a limit? If the noise is zero, ... never mind.

Yeah, and everybody is free to believe that there is a man in the sky.

... I am a mathematician. You have no clue what you are talking about.

BS. ...

BS again. ...

You remind me of the elementary school students ...

Peter, sorry again, but you are acting like a hard headed elementary school math teacher who has already forgotten how to talk to adults with respect You never know whom you get to talk to on a photography forum and personal insults are never a good idea. Not that it matters in any way, but it may come to you as a surprise that I am actually a researcher with an advanced degree in physics and math specializing in quantum optics and nuclear physics, not the simple stuff like sensors or sparse matrices you keep referring to, but laser nuclear fusion and self guiding nuclear lasers in space. I was a student of a Nobel Prize winner with whom I once co-authored a paper on a reversal of the light wave in an active medium. (He invented the first quantum generator, a predecessor to lasers, or what you may know as the Colorado Atomic Clock.)

So no hard feelings and, if you are a good mathematician, please help me with the problem I am now working on. I am trying to show that the scale factor in the Friedmann (FLRW) metric of 4-dimensional curved space-time violates the constancy of the speed of light over time. Although perhaps not on this forum...

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