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Tom, part of comment is good -- but not all.

tom60634 wrote:

Sue2404 wrote:

I hadn't realised that it was meant to be for retouching etc and not for discussion/debate/help about software so I'm sorry if my questions have trodden on toes. Quite where on this website we should be discussing software etc I'm not sure though - any ideas?

Intelligent discussion/debate and requests for help can't be faulted. However these type of posts are often hijacked by fanboys, and the original posters needs are ignored as the thread degenerates into competing ads for Topaz products, Nik products, OnOne products etc.etc.. This could be possibly useful but it's always the same responders with the same product endorsements. It's gotten to the point that they just constantly reference a past post.

If you are honest with yourself you'll admit that the proper venues for particular software applications are at the manufacturer's website. They have taken your money, provided a product and also provide tutorials and forums to assist their customers. They have personnel with specialized skills and talents that are available for your use,plus it helps the manufacturer keep track of difficulties they hadn't anticipated.

This could mean further improvement and refinement of the program for which you paid.

Posting requests for help on this forum does nothing, except maybe provide you with a generalized, possibly ill conceived, solution to a problem that may or may not exist.

Tom, reference to using the Manufacturer technical support (and site) is good, however; the individual making the contact will receive (completely biased information) that does NOT also include any details regarding other actual users experiences and opinions. The usual Tech Reply: "You are the first to report such an issue"

I would suggest if there is an issue (or problem) to FIRST contact the product Manufacturer support and any other helpful information such as a support web site.

Then, when desired; to use the Dpreview Forum regarding other (actual users) experiences, comments, and/or opinions regarding the product and any known issues.
Many times, an issue may NOT be resolved by Tech Support.

It takes the same amount of effort to direct posts to the proper venue.

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