1DX sensor v 5DIII sensor?

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Re: Fabrication plant line

Atina wrote:

So it is all a matter of fabrication lines, their age and technological sophistication?

That is a possible explanation

If they were to clog the new line, which can make majestic chips "with much smaller features" (What does this mean? That it has less tools, equipment and gadgets, apparatuses etc., but with that small amount it can create wonders?),

No, it means that the steppers and scanners on the line have higher resolution so that they can produce chips with features about half the size.

with a megabig pumping out of 1D X's, then they wouldn't be able to satisfy another piece of the market, the one which wants 60D, 600D, S100 and camcoders?

That's about it.

If they move the 5D from the old line, people get fired?

If they move the 5D from the old line to the new line then the old line, which is still a big (100's of millions of dollars) investment goes unused while the new line is used up making full frame chips so it cannot produce the chips for the cameras which earn Canon the real money. And if they did that, someone probably would be sacked.

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