LVF-2 v. G3 built-in EVF

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I love to see somene impaled on the horns of a dilemma!!! :)

Particularly when they are the same horns of the same dilemma I have been impaled on myself more than once over the years!

So let me add to it -- or maybe help resolve it (by accident, I assure you, I'm really just trying to make trouble for you, Eric!).

Does the LVF-2 have a hinge like the Oly VF-2 and VF-3 have? If it does, then that would give you some handy extra functionality with the GX1 because it would give you the opportunity to easily use the camera from a lower viewpoint. Not as low as the articulated screen of the G3 would give you, nor as low as the tilting screen of my E-PL3 gives me, but definitely a lot lower than is easy at present. I use that facility occasionally with my E-PL3 with the VF2 fitted.

The second thing is the question of viewfinders generally. You say you use primes most of the time, Eric. What about trying an OVF or two? As I mentioned, I have a (rather expensive -- bought it in Poland off eBay!) and oddly heavy little Voigtlander 28mm OVF which is use much of the time when I'm shooting with the Panny 14. It's fun all the way. I just set a shutter speed (or even P for fully automatic) and bang away. I have the focus set to the centre of the view, so I focus, half press the shutter button to hold focus while I frame, then shoot. I recently acquired a Leitz 90mm one for use with the Oly 45.

Another possibility is a compromise for the time being -- a ClearViewer. I had one with my LX3 and odd though it kind of is, it was great. I used it nearly all the time, and as I mentioned, I'm thinking of getting one for the E-PL3 so I can use it at proper eye level with the flash fitted (the only thing that's holding me back, really, is the number of viewfinders I already have :)). The model I’m thinking of is the one that screws into the tripod socket thus leaving the accessory shoe free.

The price is low enough to make an experiment worthwhile, I think.

It's basically a magnifier on a hinge. When you first look through it, you think it is hopeless; after using it for half a dozen shots you grok it. With it in place, you can shoot eye level with or without glasses, you can fold it out of the way with the flick of a finger when you want to use the LCD unaided, and for carrying it folds flat against the back of the camera. Shooting with it, you can use a hand in a natural kind of grip to provide shading to keep glare off the screen.

A third thing -- you wonder about the advisability of having the LVF2 wandering around in a pocket. The Oly VF-2 has an unfortunate propensity to fall off the camera because it's lock is not very good. VF-2 users have come up with a number of solutions for this in the way of tethering. Most favored are one of those little stick-on tethers for lens caps, another offered is simply a short length of carpet thread tied to the VF through the hinge area then fastened to the camera lug with one of those little poly clips. Maybe that would be a solution for you -- you could remove the LVF2 to slide the camera into a pocket or keep it under your coat, but leave it attached to the camera by its tether so it would not make a hump but would be readily to hand and not falling out of a pocket.

Finally -- I would suggest that extortionate though the LVF2 is (both Panasonic and Oly seem to revel in overpricing accessories) don’t hold your breath waiting for one to come up cheaply on eBay. I waited for half a year for a cheap Oly EVF to come up on eBay. Didn't happen. On the occasions they were offered, bidding rapidly took them to near new price. I finally took a deep breath and shocked myself by buying new.

Verdict, Eric? Did I make things better or worse? Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!

Cheers, geoff
Geoffrey Heard

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