What is Your Base ISO With the NEX 5n ?

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Re: What is Your Base ISO With the NEX 5n ?

I always use the lowest ISO possible - every time you raise ISO you lose a little dynamic range. I dont want to bump the ISO unless its necessary.

I do find that Auto ISO seems to work very well for me keeping the shutter speed at 1/60th which is perfect with my Sigma 30mm f/2 when shooting hand held

wll wrote:

Well I shoot landscapes and architecture and "stuff" for fun.

I have found that the high ISO ability of the 5n lets me set a base ISO at 400 and 800 on a real cloudy day. This allows me to shoot at a higher shutter speed and stopped down for greater DOF if need be.

What ISO do most of you shoot in daylight and feel comfortable with, Handheld not tripod.

On my Pentax I shoot ISO 320- 400 as a base, I can't think of a time or reason I would shoot under that.


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