Juji x pro 1 jpeg Wrong red

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Re: Juji x pro 1 jpeg Wrong red

I had s similar experience with my X10 on occasion. Also with the red channel on an otherwise well exposed image, set on the standard provia. There were several threads on DPR regarding the issue. Here's a link to one, and a search will lead to others. http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1012&message=40798453&q=X10+over+saturated+reds&qf=m

There is also evidence of this in the X1 Pro, which showed up in some test shots done by Petteri Sulonen in his "Come to Think of It" blog. Scroll about halfway down to the Test Shots of the books. The top test shot exhibits an unusual rendering of the red letters "Gotlib" on the book binding. http://primejunta.blogspot.com/2012/03/rust-concrete-and-test-shots.html

It only appears in one of many shots, all taken under the same lighting and exposure conditions. This particular shot was with the 35mm wide open.
Petteri theorizes in the paragraph above the image:

"I have a hunch that's a demosaicing artifact due to the funky filter matrix Fuji uses. It's odd that it only appears on that photo and none of the others, although there's not a whole lot of sharpness difference between them."

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