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Re: What can we do?

Allen Gerdes wrote:

Well Ronny, I know that what you have stated is absolutely correct. And you also have nailed the problem down do we retouchers make our voices heard when we request a forum dedicated to retouching as it once was? Where do we go to ask? As far as I know, there is no place or person to submit a request to, and even if there were, I have absolutely no faith that our request would be given any serious consideration.

We thought at one time that Mike Warren was going to become a moderator and that he would take our requests and concerns to the owners. If this were indeed the case, then he either did not state our concerns strongly enough or he was ignored. I for one have pretty much given up any hope of ever having our voices heard. Surely someone monitors each of the forums periodically and if so then the owners MUST be aware of our concerns and simply do not care. Wish I were wrong, but do not think that I am.

It was immediately apparent to me when the owners made the name change and lumped software, hardware and retouching into one forum that they cared nothing about our concerns. If they had, they would have polled the members to find out how we felt about the changes before shoving them down our throats. I understand that the owners have every right to do as they please in this regard, but still feel that it was handled in a poor manner.

This is still a very worthwhile and informative forum and is not doubt very valuable to simply no longer appeals to my interests, which lie mainly in photo retouching.



You are certainly not alone in this and i wonder if we used the feedback feature in great numbers if that would help. I mean a flood of notes to the feedback system. A mass attack if you will.

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