Fujifilm X10, Panasonic LX5, Olymous XZ-1, ... what to choose?

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Re: Fujifilm X10, Panasonic LX5, Olymous XZ-1, ... what to choose?

First thanks for all of your posts. I think I will be waiting until the XZ-2, LX6 or whatever camera is releaved.

Skipper494 wrote:

You forgot the Nikon P7100.

Too huge.

jon404 wrote:

'Perfection,' said the 12th-century Iranian mullahs, 'is reserved for God.'

In the meantime, there's the Olympus XZ-1.

It is a superb small camera, fits in your shirt pocket, has an adjustable flash down to 1/64 power. I use it with an older PEN VF-1 optical viewfinder, kept with a spare battery in my other shirt pocket. As they say, 'it's the camera you have with you.'

It is also a wonderful low-light camera. I rarely bother to move off ISO 100, the f/1.8 lens is so bright. And the super-macro is amazing... you'll be close enough to bump the lens against your subject!

Other PEN accessories, like the remote cable release, special lights, and the VF-2 and VF-3 electronic viewfinders also work with the XZ-1. But a small beanbag, used with with the self-timer, is usually all you need for nighttime long exposures.

I would buy it if at least these issues didn't exist:
-No AE/AF-lock (!!!)
-Control ring to easy to adjust

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