Best Buy, B&H, Nikon & common sense

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Re: Best Buy and Amazon every bit as good as a dedicated shop

pyzon wrote:

You and many others... but guess what... they're selling D800's the second they put them on the shelves

obviously never read my post, perhaps attention issues, they sold because you could not get them anywhere else...simple demand > supply it..surplus of D800's they would not have sold bar maybe one or two who would rather an interest free 18months payment than a lifetime of good customer service and support, each to their own i guess

Once the demand is gone for the D800 they will sit on the shelves everywhere

More of an insult toward your intelligence.

obviously I'm clueless, but i bow down to your superior knowledge of this thread.

oh I understand that many BB stores didn't get the memo they were receiving Demo/Display only models ...

I'm curious as to what kind of "lifetime good service and support" you would get as a mail order customer from an Amazon or B&H? I can see some personalized support from a small mom and pop camera shop but am not seeing it from a mail order house.

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