D800 focus issues: Return, or repair?

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Re: D800 focus issues: Return, or repair?

Just send it in. At least some sort of human technical eyes, test equipment, and screwdrivers may set the calibration up better than the factory did. Call it "Human Quality Control Interceded." The more techs that see the issue the better it will be for manufacturing to address it. Coming from a former camera store person, a return may just get sent out with another customer unfixed. They'll call it something like a refurb (yeah. right.), a re-box, open box, demo, etc. They aren't apt to send it back for warranty as it costs them money and flooring time/money and they would rather you do it.

A return may give you much the same, plus the wait. I'm sure Nikon knows of issues in their products and updates info to the service facilities, just they will never voice issues publicly else a flood of stuff may ensue. I've sent brand new stuff into them and surprised it came back with "Parts replaced or updated" (Their B2 repair) even though it was supposedly new off the shelf. No issues on any repairs yet and I've used them 3 times in the past year (avg. turn-around if I take it to them in person is about 2 weeks).

Shouldn't take more than 3 weeks with shipping being the longest and slowest, imho. It also seems to take about 2 days for Nikon Melville to approve the warranty repair to any other facility. A return may be much longer due to lack of product now.


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