Have you moved from DSLR to Micro 4/3?

Started Apr 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
phlowtography Regular Member • Posts: 374
what's low end and what's high end?

low end Panny sensors and all Canon sensors are poor at low ISO

You certainly know your share of sensor tech, I am nowhere near as knowledgable as you are on that topic, that's why I neither disagree nor agree, but might I ask then: What do you consider the so called "low end" sensors? All but the GH1/GH2? Because Panny (obviously) never categorized their sensors into low and high tech/end. When reading DxO graphs, though, one can't help but notice the superior behavior of the GH1/2 sensors at low ISOs, be it DR or SNR, and the inferior behavior of say the G3/GX1 when compared to even the first gen G1/GF1/G2 sensor when it comes to SNR at base ISO.

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