Canon 9500 Mk II Matte Papers - Problems - Mirky/Washed Out

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Mark A. Small
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Canon 9500 Mk II Matte Papers - Problem never solved - Mirky/Washed Out

A final update everyone.

Canon support was unable to identify the problem.

Canon service center was unable to figure out the problem. (Canon wouldn't cover the service call because I bought the printer on eBay.) They said the printer tested dead on but they couldn't produce an acceptable print on matte paper either. Their final advise - I'm sorry it tested properly so there is nothing I can do for you.

xrite was unable to figure out any problem.

But the printer still won't print on matte paper properly.

At this point I guess I trash the printer and purchase another one.

I might add that all this was happening at the same time I was having problems with my iPhone. The experience of resolution with happy couldn't have contrasted my experience with Canon more sharply. Problem solved, period verses an expensive and time consuming run around without the problem ever being solved.

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