LVF-2 v. G3 built-in EVF

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Diane B wrote:

Partially I think the G3 is at the end of its life and the GX1 is closer to its beginning. Its also perhaps a more popular camera because of its form. Remember all the whooha about mini DSLR look, etc LOL. I have the G3 and like it a lot--have had it almost a year. I also have a GF1 and knew I wanted an EVF like my G1 and not an aux. EVF so it was a no brainer for me--and I paid full price LOL. Oh, plus I like the swivel LCD. My only concern was no dedicated AEL/AFL button but I found with the two Fn buttons and 4 custom settings I had no problems setting it up to suit and have a dedicated AEL/AFL button (I chose Fn button #2)


Diane -

I read various things about the G3 and I think it probably is the case that the G3 is coming to the end of it's life as latest in line..there IS talk of a new one soon..but WHAT.. now that the GX1 has come out.. and also the GH2 of course not truly a 'similar' but a LOT of technical similarities..what CAN replace the G3 I have to wonder.. for all the talk.. are Panny going to fall in the Canon trait of their G series.. keep on gong with few changes.. make a G4 next ??.,. what difference now the GX1 presides..

All very difficult - and as often should be the case..forget what is said...decide on the camera AS IT IS.. not what MAY be.. AS IT IS... I think the G3 has a lot going for it yet.. but who are we to decide......

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