Samyang 85mm 1.4 -- on D5100

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Re: Samyang 85mm 1.4 -- on D5100

Jose Rocha wrote:

It's an excellent lens, I have one and used it with my previous D300. Even with a viewfinder as large as D300's, I got only about 50% sharp images. The focus confirmation dot is not really helpfull because it doesn't have that much precision, so you must use your own eye to see if the picture is focused or not.

I have this lens (the AE version) too on a D7000 and I was very surprised how easy and precise the manual focus is. This lens is clearly optimised for manual focus, unlike others recent nikon AF-S (tried the 85 1.8 AF-S before buying the samyang).

On the contrary, I found that the confirmation dot is really really helpfull on the D7000 and spot-on. I never use the LCD for focusing.

It can be very hard to get focused pictures using the viewfinder from the D5000 because it's so tiny.

Once I upgraded to a D700 I'm having about 95% success with focusing. The D700 viewfinder helps a lot and the focus confirmation arrows (like the ones that the D7000 has) are crucial.

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