Is the EX1/TL500 OK for my tech-clumsy mother?

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Re: Is the EX1/TL500 OK for my tech-clumsy mother?

Mr Scope,

There might be reasons that the lady you describe would enjoy the EX1:

  • The screen is not only articulated but also of excellent quality. Images can easily be seen & enjoyed in playback on the EX1, as well as when shooting, which is not true of many other P&S screens.

  • The F1.8 lens + image stabilisation + decent image quality up to ISO 400 or even 800 + bright articulated screen means that the EX1 can do well indoors, in dim light. Add a small Samsung flashgun (the one with the bounce head) and it becomes a very good indoor camera, for domestic situations at least.

  • The tele end is just long enough for good head & shoulders portraits also - especially at f1.8 or thereabouts, for some background blur.

  • The 24mm (equiv) wide lens is also suitable for shots of intimate social occasions in a domestic setting. (It a bit "tech" but you can also mount a decent add-on lens to get 18mm (equiv) wide angle - very good for taking in a whole (domestic-sized) room or a restaurant table full of happy family revellers).

  • The EX1 is quite tough yet small enough for the handbag. A tank-like build with a screen that folds in for protection is no bad thing if the camera is to live in a handbag cheek-by-jowel with all those other lady-items jiggling about in there.

Of course, it will be a "waste" if the lady don't use RAW.... although Brian will disagree; and he has the photographic evidence to make a good case for the EX1 in non-RAW mode.

SirLataxe, so enamoured of the EX1 that he has even neglected his Sony R1 of late.

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