Juji x pro 1 jpeg Wrong red

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Re: Juji x pro 1 jpeg Wrong red

abolit wrote:

I'm not sure if it really matters much. It's a default setting for Fuji X Pro 1 (std)
The Fuji has to address this issue, not us, working around this problem.

That's exactly what the problem is. The manufacture makes the defective product , the consumers pay their money for half-backed product full with quirks and bugs.

We , the consumers, are pulling our hair trying different settings to make the images look better.... in the meantime Fuji is counting the profit...
Shouldn't happen in the first place...

Kinda like them putting it out there with AF issues. Then saying after the fact they're working on getting it better? We are always sucked into this. We get poorer while they get richer.

Asylum Photo wrote:

If you could provide us EXIF info on both images, it'd help us make suggestions for a work around until Fuji comes forward with a fix for the issue.

That is, if you're interested.

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