Unhappy with XPro1, looking into OM-D?

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Re: If you mostly shoot portraits...

Jorginho wrote:

marike6 wrote:

The X100 and X-Pro1 are not known as AF speed demons, but this is true for many mirror-less cameras that use Contrast Detect AF.

Oly and Panasonic cams are extremely fast and he askingabout those.

Yep, I was hoping that the OM-D would be at least on par with my 550D + good lens.

Even though there are several ILCs with decent single shot AF speed (excluding the Nikon 1 which uses Phase Detect AF and has very good AF performance), if the OPs wants fantastic AF speed in both Single Shot and Continuous Tracking, a DSLR might be a better choice for him.

No, he doesn't like the size. M43s will do just fine. He is not shooting BIF. I have doen that too with miss and hit. CVertainly not as consistent as a DSLR. For his work, m43 works great in general with most lenses.

To be honest, the XPro1 is not that much smaller or lighter than my 550D, and the 550D offers a great grip that allows me to hold/shoot 1 handed. Ofcourse the 35 1.4 is lighter than any equivalent Canon lens though (Sigma 30mm 1.4 comes close)

That said, many X100 and X-Pro1 users are willing to work with the AF speed of the Fujis because the image quality is so good.

But not OP. The points you raise are valid, but not to this subject I think.

I value the IQ, but as an amateur photog, I value the experience/comfort even more. Yes, pixel level sharpness is nice, I keep zooming in my photos and get excited about the sharpness. But then I resized them for web display and realized it's not that important. FWIW, it does produce the best OOC photos, compared to any other camera I've used.

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