LVF-2 v. G3 built-in EVF

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Re: LVF-2 v. G3 built-in EVF

glanzrabe wrote:

I had the G3, and I had a look through the LVF2 for the GX1 last week in store. For me the LVF2 gives a better, clearer view over the whole field, perhaps the optical path is better than in the G3.

I also had a look through the E-P3 and the VF-2, but imo the GX1 / VF2 has the better
EVF quality.

One minus is the lack of eye sensor....

bert -

Now THAT is just the sort of experience I had hoped to get.. actual use or comparison.. and it IS very interesting.

Sense tells me that to charge what is OVER 2/3rds the ciost of a full G3 body, for the LVF-2 alone..must surely be for some good reason.. so it seems from what you say, that in spite of theoretical technical actual usage.. the LVF-2 may well actually give a slightly better result.

I've only had one experience before with a built-in did the job but it was nothing special..I think the Pannie - either one - is entirely different to my other experience.. and the plain fact is of use an EVF this way it NEEDS to be good.. maybe this does tend to sway thoughts a bit more to the LVF2 in spite of the price being a bit off-putting.

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