My D800 focus woes

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we should use Live View Focusing in D800 not PDAF?

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

tonganqn wrote:

So, when Nikon, Canon or whatever brand comes in and says: "hey, here you have a brand new camera that cost $3000, enjoy it. Oh btw, you need to do A, B.....Z before you can use it"

Nikon do say you need to do the equivalent of your A, B and Z if you want the best results at 36 MP

Anybody using the D3x or medium format knows from hands on experience that this Nikon D800 guidance is sensible.

Are you saying we should use Live View Focusing in D800 not PDAF? Then why is there viewfinder? Perhaps Nikon should have killed PDAF in D800 and said viewfinder is for manual focusing and live view is for AF then made it at least US$1000 cheaper. Does that make everybody happy? Of course not but it will make the character of D800 as a landscape/studio camera more clear. And D800 will reside in the place where it should be and that is on tripod. At least this scenario makes sense. Doesn't it?

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