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Re: The best runner up

Well, this thread nicely opens a theme of photo competing in general.
To me, it appears somewhat of an oxymoron, for two reasons:

Firstly, one tends to respect all kinds of judgings as if those giving their opinions in votes are equally qualified enough to be equally respected. It is never so, not even when there is a panel of respectable, learned photographic experts, since not everyone is able to be strictly and professionaly frank. Their (theme-related!) reasons may be dependent upon too many factors influencing their judgment, such as religious, social, political and deeply "personal" (which is one not-so-easily opened Pandora's box - every time!). And we're having our works judged by completely unknown authority. The best to expect is to glean a bit of "what most people like".

Second reason is partly based upon the first one, making me suspicious about equal treatment of every aspect in a photographically expressed theme other than technical: that which is measurable. The choice of themes used to express one's emotion may be wide, but there are certain rules of expression which should be common to all visual art, just as there has to be the correct application of grammar and spelling in every properly formed sentence.

Same goes for musical expression, too... there should be an underlying construction which makes it understandable, and lacking this, the music would be just so much noise.

Now, how many people in the whole "watching & voting horizon" can be said to observe that aspect? It's another unknown.

Add to this all the possible not-so-honest ways of voting, and the result will show an unknown mixture of a measure of unmeasurables. In other words, how reliable is such a result to base one's future works upon?

If one wants to express themselves "as people like", it's okay. That's how the largest percentage of the musical pieces get written, too... But that's why the real evergreens, those defying the fickle fashion of Time, did not follow that trend.

IMO, it is much more satisfying to go on taking photos in one's own way... after all, it's an activity of highly personalized expression. It is, and it should be different from other personal ways, those of other people; but for several common parts in construction which consists of those measurable elements mentioned, which makes one's personal expression readable to all.

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