La Tour Eiffel Aliased

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Re: La Tour Eiffel Aliased

Glad to here you say this
as you have a good clinical eye

I was also very interested in the nex series and had made up my mind to get one , but I started looking at samples on Dpreview and flicker and was shocked by the very same thing.
I was amazed by the fact that no one commented on it or noticed it.
to busy playing with there features to notice there result?

DMillier wrote:

I've decided to discontinue use of the nex 3 I was hoping would serve as a lightweight landscape outfit because of aliasing. This cam either has no as filter at all or a very skinny one. The result is ugly.

Bushes, trees, twigs, leaves render in a coarse, crude way. At first you think it has a noise problem but when you look close, you see the real reason. Every grass stem or twig on a diagonal is stair stepped. There is no obvious moire but a tangle of winter foliage renders as an ugly mess.

I can't stand the look. My k5 does not do this which definitely points to the as filter as the cause. It's a pity as the nex series looked liked the solution to me. No reviews pick up on this but there are some forum complaints that get ignored.

The sigmas are following the same approach of course. This obsessive per pixel sharpness thing comes at a nasty price.....
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