The useless Pentax Q

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Richard Smals
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Re: My new Q is useless.

brandrx wrote:

My new Q is useless. It's still in transit and is sitting 150 miles from me right now. I should get it in the next few days.

I bought it to try experimenting with some long lenses like forum member snostorm (Scott) has been experimenting with.

Hmmmmm...let's see now. Nikon 400mm f2.8 on the Q, that's 2200mm. It should be fun.

I ordered a K to Q adapter also but i'm probably weeks away from trying the bigma on the Q. 500 mm translated into 2750 mm but a tad slow on probably f8. I think it's fun on putting the Q with bigma on my gimbal head. I don't have the Q yet, probably end of this week. For macro i'm evenly excited.

Please post some results when available, because i'm curious.

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