video quality discrepancy between camera (NX10) and computer screen (2009 white mac)

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Re: video quality discrepancy between camera (NX10) and computer screen (2009 white m

I think much of the problem is that the camera's screen has more dynamic range than the computer's - plus, as has already been said, the camera display always looks better because it is downsampled. I've certainly had the same problem with several cameras.

I know nothing about Mac software but in Windows I've used two different programs to partially correct that problem. One was "Samsung Master", supplied by Samsung with the NX10. The other was a freeware program named Virtual Dub.

Virtual Dub can't read .MP4 files so they have to be converted to .AVI first. I can't remember how I did that. Anyway, once converted, Virtual Dub allows the input .avi file to be dubbed to an output file while applying various filters and effects to it, changing the compression, resolution and display size, cutting unwanted frames, etc. The "levels" video filter is what you use to adjust brightness and contrast of selected frames or the whole video.

"Samsung Master" also allows editing of several parameters including brightness and contrast. It is a while since I used it and I thought I dealt directly with the .MP4 file in Samsung Master. Apparently not, because I just tried again and it won't open .MP4 files. That's pretty stupid considering it was the program supplied with the NX10 and .MP4 is the only video format the NX10 supports. It does work with .AVI files, so an MP4 to AVI conversion may be necessary first. Samsung Master is bug-ridden but does some things very well when it doesn't crash.

When you increase the brightness, you are sure to lose some contrast and image quality but at least you should be able to see the subject.

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