future of sony interchangeable and NEX cameras

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Re: future of sony interchangeable and NEX cameras

I think you are asking a good question.

Certainly SONY's other issues .. laying off 10,000 folks today and their failure to figure out a way of competing with Apple and Samsung is NOT a good sign for any SONY product and if the whole enterprise is teetering my and your NEX could become history.

On the other hand it seems to me that SONY/NEX has chanced into a unique market share ... the pro semi pro not-a-Leica replacement for the Leica RF niche.

The largish sensor means that this and the Fuji are alone in the niche. Nikon is unlikely to enter since they alredy have two mounts.

That leaves CANON as a wild card. It is impossible for me to believe that CANON is not looking hard at the NEX and may have already prototyped their not-a-leica. A NEXish Canon would be an instant success. So SONY has a window of opportunity to expand the e mount and the NEX.

It seems to me that the next step, already announced by SONY, is a serious lens pipeline. Perhaps there is a way to bring the Zeiss brand closer to the NEX? I would also like to see some real innovation .... a collapsible zoom should be possible.

The other opening is to play pon the e mount video equpt better .. this is mostly marketing but might goose the idea that this is a system.

Finally. I suspect the sweet spot for a new body would be to focus on better low iso. The mix of OSS and deblurring is already impressive but a higher ISO chip in a tiny handful would be very tempting.
Stephen M Schwartz

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