D800 Top LCD Issue

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Dodgy Nikon quality assurance...

... is typical of a manufacturing unit under pressure to achieve the goals demanded by a new product on a hungry market. QA issues are appearing like mushrooms (where is this camera made?), and unless Nikon get this under control, then they may spoil their market share. The Olympic Games are nigh!

Your screen is indicating an electrical continuity issue, either within the display unit (a 3rd party supply component), or in the way the display is mounted to the flex-pcb through which it is connected to the control logic / DSP section (have you tried pressing GENTLY down on the display?... this may not work, as Nikon outer-skin components are generally well secured... alternatively, warm the camera up a little... leave it in GENTLE sunlight covered with a black cloth, until the body temperature reaches apx. 25°C).

Said otherwyse... this is a (Nikon) QA issue which should NOT manifest on a new camera.

This type of fault frequently deteriorates with age, and may in time compromise the entire display. This can happen sooner than you think!

Get Nikon to fix it... get a fix report with the repair (in case it manifests again!)... or get Nik to replace the camera. A compromise with your dealer might be that he will replace the camera after (for e.g.) 6 months, when the supply bottleneck has been alleviated.

Keep us informed.


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