The Digital Darkroom appears to be dying.

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Re: The Digital Darkroom appears to be dying.

Allen, in the beginning for me, DPR was about retouching and improving skills all round but now with the changes, that has gone by the wayside. What is there to keep the highly skilled? Can DPR possibly understand that this crowd in particular draws many others? Surely they must realize that the elimination of one group casts a dark shadow upon the rest. Will we all wander to greener pastures?

Allen Gerdes wrote:

DPR needs to reinstate a proper retouching forum where I can continue to learn from so many valuable posters here, although they seem to have gone dark but should we push DPR to bring on a "Retouching Forum" or shall we suffer in silence and all leave.

This has been discussed time and time again. The owners of DPR care not about our wishes or the changes would have been reversed a long time ago. The damage has already been done and there is nothing we can do to reverse it. It really is a shame and those of us who are long time members remember how it was and wish for a return to that time, but I have no false hope of that happening.....too many valuable people have already left and more of us are ready to follow them.


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