Canon's P&S weaknesses - My List, what are yours?

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Canon's P&S weaknesses - My List, what are yours?

Everyone has to admit, Canon makes some great P&S cams, BUT there are other brands that easily meet & exceed in many 'honest' & important camera specific capabilities.

Here is my list of Canon P&S weaknesses (for enthusiast P&S)

  • too slow contrast AF, especially in low light & videos.

  • no 30p/60i/60p Full HD video.

  • too few video controls/settings.

  • video compression & or better oversampling & or higher bit rates.

  • lack of RAW, for 'enthusiast' P&S (sx40, sx260, etc).

  • lack of ND filters especially if it is actually there, but not enabled! (or is the presence of a ND filter a lie from CHDK users?)

  • no HDR (iContrast seems just smart toning)

  • no vertical or horizontal full rez. auto panoramic mode

  • YOURs

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