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Re: D800 Shipment Update

I got similar info yesterday from my small local camera store (and official Nikon dealer) where I am 1st on his short waiting list for the D800. He said last week he got some unofficial info from his Nikon people indicated more should be arriving in the next week or two (his exact words).

As far as those wanting Nikon to give more info on when you can expect yours, remember their is a multitude of splits of those quantities after they ship out a batch between regions, countries, sales channels (local camera stores, big chains, on line sellers) and then everyone is in a different position on the list of their retailer.

Any answer would create more confusion and angst because it would mean a different wait for each person. Plus many of us, including me, have a pre-order in more than one place. I have an order at B&H from about 2 weeks after announcement that I expect will be quite a way into the future since I took a while to commit and their base is so large. No fault of theirs or Nikon. So many of these "orders" will vaporize once shipments start flowing in larger numbers through the many channels and people cancel their second/third pre-orders.

Now that Nikon is past their inventory shutdown for quarterly audit I expect the flow will begin again very soon but of course, not quite as fast as any of us waiting would wish. I work in manufacturing, you can't set up production lines for the level of a short peak demand and make money or avoid lots of layoffs when production calms to a more normal level. Especially if you are maintaining a very high quality level during this whole time.

These are all side effects of a fantastic camera that's overdue because of forces of nature (literally) and a loyal customer base. Just be glad there are 2 leading camera manufacturers + others nipping at their heels that are driving all to strive for such great products!

Without the Canon 5D MII and III there probably would not be the D800 at this price; a camera that approaches and in some respects exceeds medium format performance at about 1/10 the price, this might make the wait just a little less painful.

Nikon customer since 1978 (FE).

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