Grand Canyon - light(er) camera?

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Re: Grand Canyon - light(er) camera?

I hike a fair bit with my Camera. For those iconic photos there is no substitute for a DSLR and a good lens (or two). I also carry a waterproof point and shoot. The DSLR rides in the pack most of the time and comes out for those magical spots.... but the point and shoot is in an accesable pocket and ready to be used in seconds.

Last year, on a five day hike in Gros Morne Newfoundland, it rained almost for the whole hike and that waterproof camera was golden.... ( little drier at the G. C., so waterproof may not be a big deal for you). When a wolf emerged from th fog and rain, it was the point-ands-shoot that was ready, not the DSLR.

The point being, nothing beats a DSLR for quality, nothing beats a point-and-shoot for convience, and there isn't a camera bag out there that will carry as well as a decent backpack..... why not use all three together?

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