Specs Desired on Upcoming High MegaPixel Cam?

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Re: Specs Desired on Upcoming High MegaPixel Cam?

Great Shot !! How true your comment about wishfull thinking. However a whole segment of the photography market that originally bought the 5D2 and 1DS3 for its cutting edge high resolution imaging abilities has been left out in the cold looking enviously at the Nikon D800. I can only pray Canon makes an announcement before my D800 pre orders go through. For now I'm going to take your advise and stop stressing about camera specs and enjoy my brilliant 5D2.

RvPhotoTraveller wrote:

It is obvious with all the envious outcry over the D800 specs and pricing and persistent rumours now that CANON has another higher resolution / high megapixel camera body in the works .

Nothing is obvious . That line of thinking is what usually causes folks to disappoint themselves when it turns out that the only thing that was obvious was their wild imagination.

This reminds me of the story of a man who found a magic lamp and was to be granted one wish from the genie that came out of it. Because the man dreamed of being wealthy, he asked the genie for a newspaper 1 year in the future so he could find out which stocks he should invest in now, in order to sell at a huge profit a year later in order to realize his dream of massive wealth.

The genie granted his wish and while turning to the stock market page, the man passed the obituaries and discovered his own death notice.

Moral of the story: Go out and take pictures with what you have. If you're still around when a new camera is released, you can deal with it when the time comes.
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