video quality discrepancy between camera (NX10) and computer screen (2009 white mac)

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Re: video quality discrepancy between camera (NX10) and computer screen (2009 white m

jj74e wrote:

I took some video in very dark conditions (basically completely dark except for a 1.5ft diamter circle of small tea candles), and it plays back with adequate detail on my NX10's AMOLED screen, but played back on my white 2009 macbook, the video seems degraded and I can't make out any detail at all.

Quicktime seems to be the worst- oddly, VLC media player seems to play the clip with slightly more detail, but it's still much worse than on camera.

Has anyone else come across a similar discrepancy in detail, and does anyone have tips for how to fix it? I've been trying to find software since iMovie's editing isn't helping, but it doesn't seem like anything can help match the computer's playback to the NX10's. I'm thinking about recording the video playing back on my camera's screen, just to see if it will come out better (this clip's detail isn't important, but being able to see the general shapes is)

how much bigger is your macbook display compared to your camera display? exactly.. thats why it look worse on your big screen. should be common sense right?

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