Retro silver is growing on me

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Re: Retro silver is growing on me

T3 wrote:

Gakuranman wrote:

Thanks for the info about the door. I guess it's a cost cutting thing. I wonder if Leicas have plastic doors?

No, it's not really a "cost-cutting" thing. The fact is that the little plastic door is a lot more resilient than most people think. If you ever feel like it, just remove the door and try to bend it until it breaks. Chances are, you're going to have to apply quite a lot of pressure, and the door will bend quite far, before it breaks. That's not to say that it's unbreakable. But it will be pretty resilient and tolerant of being bent and flexed. That's why plastic is so widely used for this particular part.

If not a cost-cutting thing, why not just make the door metal like the body? I'm aware plastics have more flex, but I doubt it is as resilient to breaking as a metal door would be. Unless there is some quality for plastic I'm missing that makes it an inherently better choice? Shaving a few grams off the weight perhaps?

As for the hotshoe cover, it's just an aesthetic thing, yea. I will find a pro photographer who uses one who also has self-respect though, just to spite you :p.

No, it wouldn't spite me. You would just be spiting yourself by trying to constantly use, and keep from losing, the plastic hotshoe cover! That's what I mean by self-respecting: a busy photographer really has to hate themselves to want to go through the useless burden of constantly removing, replacing, and not losing that silly hotshoe cover! In the heat of shooting, the last thing you want to have to deal with is a tiny, thumbnail-size piece of plastic that is in the way of you mounting your flash.

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