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Re: io newbie questions

If you want to show depth at greater distances, larger IO's are needed, but the closest object must be pushed farther away, too. IO is one of the most important metric of stereo work, yet surprisingly few OEMS specify it!

Another problem with a very wide io is that whilst it gives greater depth to more distant objects, it also introduces a phemonen whereby objects appear miniaturised.

A distance around 30mm ( Sony TD, JVC, Panasonic 3D1 ) seems to be a popular compromise for fixed io camcorders.

The Fujifilm W3 (75mm io ) whilst it can give stiking 3D stills where time can be taken to plan a good shot , does produce miniaturisation when viewed on a large 3D TV, and also is very difficult to use for on the fly video as it is so easy to produce video that is uncomfortable to view , sometimes 'extremely' uncomfortable.

The Panasonic SDT750 actually has a very narrow io of 10mm which only gives depth to around 15ft, but is very easy to use. The Sony Bloggie 3D at only 20mm produces excellent 3D video that looks very natural on a 50" 3D TV

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