Each of George Zimmermans lies are being disproved

Started Apr 1, 2012 | Discussions thread
Marc T Junior Member • Posts: 48
NO CHARGES filed against ZIMMERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No grand jury, no indictment.

That will discourage a lot of potential follow-up actions, as well, like
DOJ charges of a hate crime or civil actions by the Martin Clan. I
seriously doubt we will see any charges coming from her office.

Zimmerman's lawyer did indicate that The Zimmer would come forward and
tell his story once he is dismissed/not charged. That ought to be

He needs to hit the Black Panthers with a massive civil rights law suit because they threatened to kidnap him.

Now the 64,000 dollar question. Will "they" riot. Of course they will they always do. Arm up folks and make some popcorn it's going to be a show for sure.

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