"Mirrorless" is the future???

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mark moe Senior Member • Posts: 1,446
I think it's the future for a lot of us

I have a Sony A-55 that I really like... I had the traditional APC DSLR and go all the way back to the first EVF and in body stabilization the Minolta A1.

Given that I like the viewfinder on the A-55 bigger than other APC cameras and love the EVF on the A-65 and 77 (but don't own them) I'll be happy to go with an SLT for my main camera. The tradeoff are more my style--more travle friendly, way better video experience and I really likefeature such as sweep panorama etc that is finally making its way over to the other brands.

These are features I bought early in the game and people who were/are "stuck" made fun of because they weren't what the previous generation of photographers liked.

late 70's and 80's:
motordrives...yes, i'm that old

wireless flash

into the modern age:
digital altogether
in body stabilization
in camera lens correction
hand held HDR
sweep panorama
multi-shot noise reduction

so even if you prefer a good ol prism there is a lot to be gained from the innovations coming from the upstart (non Canon and Nikon)

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