Nikon's no Viewfinder budget bridge superzooms

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Re: Nikon's no Viewfinder budget bridge superzooms

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

dale thorn wrote:

I'm a mature adult and I've gotten a plethora of great images from compact cameras that have LCD screens only. No problem. And I don't hold the camera at arm's length to take photos - I hold it about 10 to 12 inches from my eyes.

The problem is in bright sun where LCD's can become quite useless at times. However crappy these EVF's are (and being blunt they're pretty lousy) it's better than nothing.

I also want to encourage good hand holding technique so a VF is pretty much a must have even if you use the LCD at times.

It never has been a must for me. If I can't shade the screen, then I attach a screen shade device. No problem. Better to have a removable screen shade and keep the camera small than be forced to have a VF and make the camera large. That's not just for low-priced cameras like the small Nikons - I got by just fine with my Leica X1 without a VF.

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