Small camera DLSR or 43rds for High ISO performance and speed for sports

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Re: Small camera DLSR or 43rds for High ISO performance and speed for sports

Here is a link to another photographer who has taken pictures at the dance hall I swing dance at. Check the "Holiday ball pictures".

As you can see there's lights in the room but they aren't exactly too bright. It looks like he had to use a flash.

So I went to the photo store yesterday and held the 5100 vs the 7000. Obviously I liked the 5100 form factor more and weight but if I'm not going to be happy with the pictures then I dunno....

I'm not sure what else I have as options besides the D7000, the Pentax K5 (which I can't even hold here in Rochester NY as noone sells it) and maybe the new Pentax K-1 (micro 43)? Or possibly the Olympus OMD micro?

I am not sure the frame rate between 1/4000 and 1/8000 is going to be that huge of a deal for me as much as the ISO performance right?

Who has the best lens options? I'm assuming Nikon blows Pentax or Olympus out of the water?

Thanks again for your input. It sounds like you guys are steering me towards the D7000 which is understandable since you value picture quality over weight/size.

If I present the cameras in terms of 3 categories, Micro, Compact, and Regular Size, would it be fair to say the best option in each is.....

Micro: Olympus OMD vs Pentax K1
Compact: Nikon 5100
Full size: Nikon D7000 vs Pentax K5?

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