Sony to Eliminate 10,000 Jobs (6% of workforce)

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Re: Sony to Eliminate 10,000 Jobs (6% of workforce)

CFynn wrote:

DPRchallenger wrote:

how long can sony maintain lossing money without going under?

Half these job loses seem to be from their chemicals division and I expect a lot of the rest are from their TV division.

Sony digital imaging division claims they cannot keep up with demand - so why should there be job losses there?


Sony states it will expand its imaging business.

"The company developed three sensors it says are smaller, capture better images and consume less power. Sony is spending 140 billion yen by March 31 to double its production capacity of complementary metal-oxide semiconductors, or CMOS, said Tadashi Saito, head of the chip business. "

Sony's new business plan will be presented April 12. It needs to stop the hemorrhaging, but it appears imaging might be OK.


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