5D mk II vs mk III real world comparison: portraits, wildlife, landscapes, night

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technic wrote:

I know there are no smaller/lighter FF alternatives yet;

There may be no affordable smaller/lighter FF alternatives but there is Leica M8/M9 if you do want one. I think even aps-c mirroless like X Pro1 or NEX-7 hold great promise to replace most dslr including ff in the not too distant future.

Ohh - do you think - it's OT I know, but I think there is a way to go before mirrorless replaces a good quality DSLR (having used a NEX7).

Maybe it's because I shoot a lot of moving subjects, but at the moment mirrorless isn't a pinch on DSLR's apart from being smaller (not much with the larger sensor mirrorless though), lighter and a little less intimidating for street (which is why I'm interested in them).

But, EVF is still pretty ordinary, AF is garbage for moving subjects and ergonomics is compromised.

I guess it really comes down to what you define as "the not too distant future"

Yes AF is still an issue for fast shooting and more work needs to be done. Nikon have some clever design at the moment I'm sure progress will continuously be made by others too. It's not an issue if you shoot landscape or still objects. IQ-wise the higher end mirroless don't play second fiddlers to the dslr anymore. There is no reason why they should, especially when they hold the advantage of able to use smaller registration distance for optimal lens design.

The bottom line is there will be no reason to use dslr other than some special applications if portability is even remotely important to you. I would define "not too distant future" as less than five years. I also think dusts will settle as which system(s) will come ahead in perhaps 1-3 years. That's the only reason I'm still holding in buying my first system.

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