Is the EX1/TL500 OK for my tech-clumsy mother?

Started Apr 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Is the EX1/TL500 OK for my tech-clumsy mother?

valid concerns have been raised here, and i cannot make up my mind if this is a good idea. the ex1 unfolds its potential once you get past auto mode.

on the other hand, the wide and fast lens of the ex1 make for better pictures in auto mode during indoor family events.

simple as that. if you're inexperienced and use auto all the time, the ex1 will give you good shots where cheaper cameras up the iso and/or exposure time, leaving you with frustrating blurred shots.

also, she might like the sturdier feel (?)

finally, if you end up buying the ex1, throw in a couple of bucks for a jjc alc-6 auto lens cap. remedies a major annoyance.

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