Is the EX1/TL500 OK for my tech-clumsy mother?

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Re: Is the EX1/TL500 OK for my tech-clumsy mother?

I would recommend going for another Canon like an ixus for the following reasons

Your mother would probably be able to view her old photos easier on a Canon than the Samsung. I found looking at photos made by another camera on the Samsung was very slow - maybe it was just mine. Of she sometimes looks at her old photos on her camera as my mother does, she may prefer the Canon.

She will probably be more familiar with Canon menus if she uses them.

The Ixuses are much smaller and the lens folds up behind the lens door - the lens cap of the EX1 does require getting used to if you're not used to it and it is a bit of a brick by comparison.

I don't kow other people's experience of "auto" mode as I rarely used it. I never used it enough to become comfortable with it. It seemed to overexpose by different amounts in different conditions and it was often just quicker to use in in one of the manual modes than have to retake a photo.

I was swithering between the S95, the X100 and a simple Ixus. I really wanted to get her the S95 as she said a viewfinder wasn't important to her and I wanted to get the best "party" camera I could. Bus she prefered a simple camera where she didn't have to think, just something to point and shoot. If your mother isn't interested in learning photography, maybe the EX1 is not for her.

As a bonus, the one I got her uses the same battery as her old ones, so now she has two spare batteries and chargers and she's very happy with it.

I lent the EX1 to someone and he was very frustrated with it at times, his main complaint being that what the screen shows in preview can be perfect, but the photo it takes is overexposed.

I do like the flippy screen, but I only used it when I was trying to be "creative" or to take shots frm a low angle without bending down.


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