E-M5 Sensor Results?

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jim stirling
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E-M5 Sensor Results?

I certainly do not wish to stir up a hornet’s nest, and genuinely would appreciate a logical discussion on the results from the E-M5 sensor. To put my cards on the table I firmly believe that the E-M5 will be the best mFT camera yet made with an excellent feature set including a couple of innovative features notably the 5 axis IS. I would have bought one already but I have decided to wait and see what the GH3 brings to the table especially regarding video.

After having compared and processed dozens of RAW files using a selection of RAW convertors which includes RawTherapee and Olympus viewer 2 . My opinion is that when processing is equalled the differences between the E-M5 and GX1 are negligible. I would like to add at this point that this has no impact on the excellent results achievable as on the whole the GX1 sensor is very good. And the combination of good sensor {best yet in any Olympus camera} with the feature set of the E-M5 makes for a great tool.

Now there are a number of very vociferous forum members who believe that the E-M5 sensor is some new amazing benchmark for mFT, and naturally everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What is not acceptable is the abuse that a very small number of them seem prepared to dish out at the drop of a hat. I am genuinely interested in what actual evidence those who think the E-M5 sensor is a significant leap forward have to support this stance. A few reputable sources such as the French magazine focus-numerique { a perfectly reputable source } seem to conclude that the image quality matches that of the G3/GX1. I have not seen any controlled tests of the AF in particular the tracking, C-AF yet some are again claiming a huge advance.

As mentioned above, I have no interest in abusive exchanges and I am only interested in the evidence that has so convinced those who believe the E-M5 sensor is a significant advance on the GX1/G3 models. As I stated I am basing my opinion on the results from the various RAW software options. To parry the first thrust I am aware that the RAW support for the camera may not be perfect , though this does not seem to stop those who are convinced it is a totally new sensor :). Comparing RAW files is the only valid option as I find the E-M5 jpegs especially at high ISO to be way over processed with excess NR and so on. So come on guys convince me

I am certainly not anti mFT and have a good selection of Olympus and Panasonic lenses along with my two Panasonic bodies {GF1 & GH2} . So I don’t even have a horse in the E-M5 vs GX1 race my interest is purely academic. It seems pretty fair to say that currently mFT has the most going for it in the overall small system camera choices, a wide selection of bodies, an ever growing selection of lenses, and the best size to performance ratio and so on.

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