I am starting to lose hope with Nikon

Started Apr 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
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OH, I'm in the "Love LBCAST camp",

But if you look at it without Nikon Colored glasses, the D2h left a lot to be desired compared to the competition. The D2hs evened things up a bit; however, it still suffered the resolution battles to Cannon in the extremely important sports field.

I loved my D2h, shot most of my photos all time with it. But it was no D3, heck it couldn't even compete in the ISO war vs. the D2x. (D2x @ ISO 800 gave me better prints than the D2h at the same ISO).

The point is, the losing "faith in Nikon" crowd has never had it so good. Wish most would move to Sony, or at least quit whining on this forum! heheh.

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