On-board flash & 2nd curtain sync

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re Second curtain Sync

Hi, (This is an old thread!) The two limitations with SCS and Canon comprise 1) Canon Wireless and 2) Shutter speed.

All forms of 'Canon Wireless' are not compatible with SCS - that includes all variations under the old IR/Light comms version and even the new Radio 'RT' version too.

Most Canon bodies only actually operate in SCS (even when SCS is correctly enabled) with 1/30th or slower shutter speeds.

Conversely, SCS is preserved over an OC-E3 cord - or - any perfect (?long) clone of same. Also some TTL triggers also allow wireless flash triggering under SCS, namely the TTL PWs (Mini & Flex) and Phottix's Odin system. I use the latter. Cheers, Donald

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